I am currently preparing for my launch of “Bonfire Nights”. My editorial development reviews are complete and I am in the process of finalizing the manuscript. I am interested in using the services of an agent and publisher and will spend some time pursuing this method of publishing. If unsuccessful, I will self-publish, probably early 2018.

Since Ford Motor Company and the U.K. Institute of Personnel and Development are heavily featured in “Bonfire Nights” I will likely share my plans with these two organizationsĀ  as I proceed to publish.

An ornithological theme runs throughout the book since that is the protagonist’s number one hobby. Thanks go to the Royal Society for the Protection of BirdsĀ  for its support during a lifetime of birding.

If anyone would like to review an advance copy and either provide a Blurb or Review please let me know. For “An Unplanned Encounter” I have participated in various book signings, have presented at my local library, have been interviewed by several radio stations and was the subject of a major article in the U.K. Daily Mail and on the front page of the local N. California Bay Area Newspaper (Marin I.J.). I am willing to consider all sensible invitations for publicity, and will update this Media site as invitations and events happen for any of my books.

I will also write additional chapters for “Abandoned in Berlin”. If anyone has specific media inquiries concerning this narrative, please let me know.