A Message From John

Thank you for spending time on my website. Currently I am writing new literary fiction titled “Bonfire Nights” set in Britain 1965-1975. It’s a love story of two adults forging their lives together. It is a business story, focused on Ford Motor Company and the British government struggling with social and economic change. It is a bird watching story that nurtures the protagonist through difficult family and employment experiences. It begins with Bonfire Night November 5th 1965 in Cottingham, Hull, as the main character starts his adult life, and ends on Guy Fawkes Night, November 5th 1975 in Billericay, Essex, as he reflects on his attainments. Judge for yourself how you would have dealt with the circumstances he encountered.

In November 2017, I received input from my “advance readers” group that the book is well written and paints a fascinating story of Britain at that time. Suggestions were made concerning additional character development and adding to the descriptions of how people dealt with the economic and disruptive circumstances of this period. The idea of a bird glossary was also mentioned. These changes will require further editing during the first quarter of 2018 and it is likely the novel will be published  around mid-2018. Thank you for your patience.

I am also writing a Blog story titled “Abandoned in Berlin”. It is a true account of one woman’s fight to discover the truth about her ancestral home in Berlin. It was seized by the Nazis in 1936. The road to enlightenment begins as a result of her taking a Rick Steves tour to Berlin in June 2016. Further chapters will be published during the next few months.

My first novel “An Unplanned Encounter” is already published, and available under the author pen name of Jonathan Husband.