Abandoned in Berlin

Abandoned in Berlin, was published as a novella during September 2018, and I am happy to give presentations at accessible bookstores, libraries and organizations interested in the Holocaust and our method of research. Alternatively, I am willing to  be interviewed on radio and TV, and to be considered for articles in newspapers. Please contact me at my email address if you have an interest. Hilda may also participate if this would be helpful. She can share her experiences growing up with parents who preferred to hide their Judaism behind their love for America, and still suffered nightmares caused their time in the Shanghai Ghetto. Both of us live a few miles north of San Francisco, California.

Shepherd for Authors published an article during July 2022, featuring Abandoned in Berlin, along with five other novels that describe  Restitution Experiences after World War 2. 
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Extract From a Review Letter to Hilda (Abandoned in Berlin),
July 2020

I wanted you to know that it took me a while, but I just got around to reading Abandoned in Berlin.  It was a profound experience for me, knowing you and your mother my entire life. What a story.  I was unaware of your Mom’s early years, her family, her Berlin legacy and property, or of her exile in Vienna.

What a convoluted history of subterfuge and shady dealings.  It’s a very interesting peek into Nazi-engineered Jewish wealth-seizing machinations, accompanied with a heavy dose of subsequent cover-up.  Your dedication to the arduous and lengthy detective work is extraordinary.  I really congratulate you.  

Most importantly, your Mom and your Grandmother would be very proud of you for your intensive efforts to get to the truth and to try and right a wrong.  I’m proud of you!

Love and kisses,

Read a review of “Abandoned in Berlin” from Booktrib here. Please note that the publishing date for the author’s third book She Wore a Yellow has been delayed until February 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.