Abandoned in Berlin

Why Read Abandoned in Berlin? – A Message from Hilda. 

This unique novel tells the story of my family who were upper middle class, living in the Wilmersdorf District of Berlin before the war.  They had everything taken away from them before war broke out.  Anne Franks was 13 when she began her diary, and at the same age, my mother had inherited three eighths of this five-floor block of apartments in Berlin.  As a result, two years later during 1933, she was placed under the control of a Nazi Guardianship Court. This is the story of how my family lost the property, as revealed to me from materials I found in my garage and legal and real estate documents provided by the German authorities.  

As I hear of new experiences from World War II and Hitler’s treatment of the Jews, I find it hard to believe that one man could have done so much harm.  My story illustrates how the German government, even after the war, treated Jews unfairly.

(This is apartment block I found June 2016, that suffered  little  damage during WW II)